what the fuck is this?

Good day to you. I am a middle-aged man in (if I say so myself) pretty good shape. I am height/weight proportional and generally try to make the most of myself. I exercise – although not excessively – and I try, little by little, to adhere to a healthy diet. That diet’s the main thrust of what I want to talk to you about in this on-line journal or ‘blog’. I hope to impart what information I have at my disposal and hopefully provide you, my audience, with one or two chuckles while I’m about it.
Over the last six months, I’ve been looking into this ‘blog’ (web log) phenomenon. and now, my research completed, it feels like high time I communicated, me to you.
There will be plenty of opportunity for you to comment on what I’ve written. That way, we can have a two-way dialogue.
What IS a ‘blog’? An on-line confessional or diary, one’s innermost thoughts, shared in a modern and exciting way we could never have dreamed of a few short years ago. There are many blogs out there (in the ‘blogosphere’) and as many points of view – many of them violently opposed to one another – as there are grains of sand on a beach.
I’m not sure I can answer what a ‘blog’ actually is, but I do know one thing. What this ‘blog’ will be about – and for. I’m not superhuman. I was not born under a red sun, nor have I been exposed to sufficient chemicals, radiation or trauma for me to come out the other side a superhero. No, I’m just an average sort of person, albeit one who looks after himself – on a daily basis. And ultimately, that is the gift I hope to share with you. If my approach becomes your approach, I’m pretty sure my health can become your health.
And I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

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